Helm Connect

We’ve chosen to partner with Helm Operations, the world’s leading and most trusted maritime operations platform.

Meet the world’s leading maritime software platform

Securely access and track your entire fleet and personnel’s data across one system.

Tell Tiller Technical what you need from your systems, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Easily manage fleet maintenance and give transparency to your organizations to mitigate breakdowns and downtime.

Automate maintenance schedules by hour, date, fuel burn, or vessel activities.

Track every maintenance task, routine, and part request across your fleet.

Monitor on-time completions and overdue items and surpass your maintenance goals and KPIS.


Track drills, safety meetings, forms, audits, and corrective actions to ensure compliance across your fleet.

Easily manage documents, custom forms, drills, safety meetings across your fleet.

Streamline audits and close the loop on corrective actions.

Quickly access data and KPIs for your entire fleet to prove compliance to your auditors, regulators, and customers.


Certifications, crew scheduling, and payroll made easy.

Manage crew certifications and training with built in reminders.

Quickly build vessel schedules, notify crews, and manage changes in real time.

Automatically generate gross payroll based on your pay rules and integrate seamlessly with HR and payroll systems.


Dispatching & Billing for your entire operation.

Optimize utilization with centralized dispatching and real time job tracking.

Improve cashflow with streamlined invoicing. Eliminate missed billing with automated tariffs, contracts, and fees.

Easily monitor market share, revenue by job, and other critical KPIs.

Achieve better outcomes with Helm CONNECT

We implement, configure and support the use of Helm CONNECT to maximise system capability and performance.

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How we achieve results for our clients

1. Review of existing systems

We audit your existing maintenance practices and systems

Provide guidance on how best to migrate and improve your current maintenance to OEM standards

2. Tiller Template Implementation

We take your vessel specific requirements and merge them into our template formats to ensure you get the most out of them.

Our templates offer full vessel inspections from Fire systems to Housekeeping & Hygiene

3. Technical Writing

If our database of templates does not cover your equipment, we source all the required manuals.

Our Technical writer interprets all manuals and writes plans to suit the equipment.

We are best placed to migrate your existing systems, being a software or excel based product efficiently.

4. Practical User Training

We train your super users on shore to enable them to train vessel staff.

Where required we can provide crew training sessions.

On-site or On-line to suit your requirements and budget.

5. Best Practice Support

We have thousands of hours experience in using and setting up Helm Connect.

While it is a simple system to use and setup, we can provide guidance on how best to setup to gain the most benefit from Helm Connect

6. Local Oceania Region

Based in Australia’s East & West coasts, we can provide business hours support locally as required.

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Now you can efficiently manage fleet compliance and maintenance

Tell Tiller Technical what you need from your systems, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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