Introducing Helm CONNECT

We’ve chosen to partner with Helm CONNECT, the world’s leading and most trusted maritime operations platform.

Helm CONNECT is the #1 trusted platform that provides


Adaptable to your needs and terminology, so you can holistically manage your business with ease.


Easy to learn and use without the need for expensive or extensive training.


Quick to implement and gives you all the tools to efficiently manage your systems from a single point of reference.


Online support 24/7 from anywhere in the world (includes offline access while at sea).


All of your data is available on all of your systems, all of the time.


Securely hosted and access restricted, protecting your information and data from cyber threats.

Achieve better outcomes with Helm CONNECT and avoid a tricky transition with the help of Tiller Technical.

We implement, configure and support the use of Helm CONNECT to maximise system capability and performance.

Our Process

How we achieve results for our clients with Helm CONNECT.

1. Review of existing systems

2. Tiller Template Implementation

3. Technical Writing

4. Practical User Training

5. Best Practice Support

6. Local Oceania Region

Securely access and track your entire fleet and personnel’s data across one system.

Tell Tiller Technical what you need from your systems, and we’ll take care of the rest.